Content Creation Process

Our Content Creation Process

Pocoko’s content is accurate, current, relevant, and actionable. Our content is written, edited, and fact-checked by our team of qualified writers, editors, and other contributors who are specialists in their areas of coverage and break down complex information in a clear, easy-to-understand format. The articles are then fact-checked and reviewed by our expert members to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of information. In addition, our panel of Content Creators provides practical advice and guidance to our readers to help them make informed decisions.

The following are the steps involved in our content creation process:

  1. Topic Identification And Selection: Topics are identified based on search trends in various parts of the world. We also solicit suggestions from our expert panel members. These topics are then filtered based on relevance to the audience, niche, objectives, and solutions to readers’ problems.
  2. Research & Writing: Our main goal is to write content that is easy to read and understand. To ensure this, our team focuses on delivering error-free, reliable, accurate, and original content. Our writers collect and aggregate evidence-based and peer-reviewed content from leading scientific journals and other scientific portals. We fact-check this content with multiple corresponding sources. Efforts are also made to maintain objectivity and present the reader with all consenting and dissenting evidence pertaining to a topic to help them make a well-informed decision.
  3. Editing: The multiple rounds of editing check for relevance, authenticity, accuracy, readability, inclusivity, structure, spelling and grammar, crispness, consistency, and redundancy. The aim is to ensure the content flows smoothly and offers the best reading experience.
  4. Imagery & Visuals: Relevant images, videos, and infographics are added to enhance the visual and user experience of the reader. The images used are checked for political correctness to avoid hurting the sentiments of any group/s of people.


Our reports and findings are based on a body of research regarding a particular topic, as opposed to a single study. All claims and statements have clear, primary references. The scientific references are linked to scientific papers/journals/articles from renowned institutions across the globe. The sources are listed at the bottom of every article.

Our expert writers responsibly balance the presentation of verifiable facts with professional perspectives, both their own and those of respected peers. Opinions are clearly stated as such.

Internal & External Links

Links are added to content to increase your access to relevant content throughout our website and help enhance your knowledge about a topic. We may also link to other websites or our own Social media pages if they provide useful information about a particular topic. These links usually lead to journals, reputed organizations, US government agencies, and other trustworthy sources.

Content Reviews And Quality Updates

The editorial team evaluates existing content periodically to ensure that the information:

  • is current and up-to-date
  • takes into consideration current research, trends, and clinical guidelines
  • reflects updated guidelines of US government agencies and other professional organizations and changes in standards of care
  • includes updated statistics
  • answers new questions from readers

If you come across any outdated information or inconsistency in our content, you can contact us at